Four seasons mural

I've painted a mural called "thread of seasons" along the corridor of a senior's residence.
This is the part of the residence where the alzheimer's patients live. My project was to draw a red thread all along the corridor , following the theme of the four seasons, illustrating different aspect of everyday life and words to bring up memories. 
It was difficult to take pictures because it's a corridor and I could not step back. The whole mural is about 50 meters long ( 165 feet) 
Seeing me painting all the residents were joyful and enthusiastic and allways discovering the painting for the firs time! At first I was afraid they could be a trouble while working but they were really kind though sometimes trying to put a hand in the palette!
The funniest part was to draw the red thread, writing,playing with its windings,knots, stiches...



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