Forest study, painting from sketch and picture in 4 steps

Back  home I work from my pictures which I turn black and white so I can achieve my own color harmony from memory and sketches. 
Before my trip I  bought Mitchel Albala's book on plein air painting which is full of good advices. 
 Here I started with a raw sienna underpainting according to the book instruction.

(Landscape Painting: Essential Concepts and Techniques for Plein Air and Studio Practice Mitchell Albala

As I work with watermixable oils on canvas paper, I  have less possibilities of removing and working with fluid paint, so it remains a quick and loose underpainting but still resolved composition and masses 

   step one Sketch  on location with many writen notes

     step two, taking and transforming a reference picture

   Black and white picture

    step three Underpainting

    step four Final color study 15x20cm


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