Emergency kit

KThis is a tiny watercolor box (life size) I found it on a garage sale (1€) this is a little treasure. There is a "Geo Rowney and co" inscription inside (before the company became Daler Rowney) an antiquity probably 100 years old! When I bought it all the pans were dried and black, rusted inside, with a tiny and cute good quality brush (sable hair and goose feather) . Probably some people would have kept it like this as the beautiful old antiquity it was, but it was not its destiny. I decided to give it a second life!  I removed the dried pans, cleaned the rust carefully and refilled with fresh color. I just love this little box and now allways have it in my bag next my sketchbook. It is the most little , light and handy watercolor box I have ever seen!

This is the brush I actually use. I leave the tiny brush at home it looks so precious I'd be afraid to loose it!


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