Back to Toulouse

Since August I almost  had no time for daily painting  at least not enough time to feel myself completely available for painting. Among other things I started a new activity of art teacher. I'm teaching  both kids and adults. I'm mostly selflearning myself, so I sometimes feel I'm not the best pedagog, but there is a good atmosphere in my classes so far  and practice is the best school!
I had time for sketching toulouse old city center and have been comissioned a few paintings for a local shop. I founf it more convenient to  sketch on location and then do the painting in the studio. Streets are sometimes too narrow or too busy for a quiet painting session. My sketchbook is much less embarassing, I take enough time to note everything I need and impregnate my memory. A picture is also a good support but not completely reliable in itself

    Rue du canard 

    My picture 


    Close up


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