Plein air painting material

I'm using exactly the same painting material at home and for plein air. I found a perfect organization with a box that I completely transformed at my convenience. I'm using it on a table for my small paintings at home and recently adapted 3 feet for plein air which iwork perfectly. Everything fit just right into a bag and remains quite light and handy to carry.  

 My box in tuscany

A picture of the view I had and my painting below.
On the far right I could see Siena in the distance

It was the first time I painted such a long size (21.5inch) with my box but it worked well


  1. Nice work, Chris. I love your paintingstyle. Great work! Wim

  2. I love your plein air paintings. I am new to plein air painting and have a real respect for those of you who are so accomplished. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.


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