Peacock challenge

Daily paintworks challenge seems to be a very good exercice that sometimes take you out of your comfort zone, sometimes confront you with unexpected subject or just gives a fresh trail to explore in this daily quest
From now on I'll do them all (new season's resolution)

I started the peacock intuitively, just trying to match background as was suggested 

In the end I found out I was using a split complementary tetradic limited palette, which in my case means blue green and yellow green  ( split complementary of red) with  red violet and orange red ( split complementary of green)

And gray of course to control values and because I don't like too much saturation, but in this subject I had to make an effort
Here is my palette after I found this organization . unfortunately the painting was already quite advanced, so I used a few colors out of this limited palette

I think it's a good option for this subject what do you think? You can give it a try!

There are lots of things I'd like to correct, but now it becomes a bit loaded with paint!  This combination could give much more vibrating colors fo sure! The best would be a fresh new start to strengthen this experience


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